Saturday, March 6, 2010

Painting Pictures

I love art!!! There is nothing better than creating something. It's even better to watch my little ones create something unique and beautiful. However, I am sure as most of you have can get messy! There are a few things that I have learned that have helped me to not be fearful of "The Mess."
1. Smocks- The blue things my kids are wearing...they are amazing and cheap! They can get pretty messy, but then I just take it off and wash it. I ordered mine through Rainbow Resource (click here) but you can get them at any art supply store. I discovered Rainbow Resource when I was working with homeschooling parents...they have so much stuff...I love it.
2.Washable Tempera Paint- Just in case it gets somewhere I don't want it...I know it will come off.
3. Paper Plates- Love to use these to put paint when they are finished, I throw it away...easy clean up.
4. High chair- My little guy is in a high chair because I know that if I let him sit with his sister or anywhere else for that matter...he will get up move around and get paint everywhere! So....this is my solution.
I hope that some of my solutions will help you with messy projects :) It has been raining a lot we have been doing a lot of projects lately. Here are the pictures of Kaylee and Corban making their pictures:

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