Monday, June 29, 2009

The Garden

Last week my kids and I finally started on our garden. I wanted to plant a garden before the month of June was over because I wanted my pumpkins to be ready by Halloween. I started by watering the ground in the backyard to soften the dirt. Then I dug up the dirt and mixed it with soil and fertilizer. Then, we finally planted. I planted in two different spots in the backyard....I am trying to determine which place will be best to place a permanent garden. We ended up planting pumpkin seeds, watermelon, cantelope and yellow squash. This is the first time I have done this, so my goal is that my plants live :) Here are some pics:

Kaylee digging with her shovel:

What's a project without a to love toddlerhood:

After the tantrum...she started watering the plants by spraying them with a spray bottle...she watered everything plant or not:
What was Corban doing? Hanging out in his Bumbo:
Here is the first garden...if you can call it's more like dirt with a few plants:

The second Garden:
I's not very professional ....but we did it! It's been a week and it is still alive, so I would say so far it's been a success :) I'll keep you posted as time goes on...hopefully it will flourish :)

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